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I, Oliver Hallmark,  pledge to keep local elections local by focusing my campaign on issues that municipal elected officials can influence.

Maintain independence and non-partisanship by rejecting any endorsements which would undermine my accountability to municipal residents or the autonomy of the municipality.

Demonstrate transparency by sharing my vision for the municipality and providing pre-election disclosure of campaign contributions and spending. Engage in respectful behaviour by sharing my perspective, while respecting and seeking to understand differences.
Oliver has made a positive impact on our community as an entrepreneur and through generously volunteering his time, talent, and fundraising skills since moving here 11 years ago.
He takes this opportunity to run for municipal office seriously; preparing himself over the past several years through education on municipal politics and the topics that matter to all Okotoks residents. He is coming to the table prepared to be an effective councillor in our community with a fresh perspective and open mind.
I truly admire and respect Oliver’s solid character and believe, when elected, he will work hard to leave our town a better place to live, work and play.
Sheila Hughes, Okotoks Food Bank Executive Director (Retired)


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